How Small Businesses Can Increase Their LOCAL SEO and Appear in Local Searches

While an online-based technique may seem redundant when aiming to increase foot traffic to a brick-and-mortar store, the truth is that local SEO can transform your offline sales while simultaneously enhancing your hopes of web sales too. Here’s all you need to know about appearing in local searches.


Visibility is an essential feature of any successful marketing strategy, particularly for a SME. in fact, more marketing experts cite brand awareness as the main objective than any other metric. When looking to target a localized audience, local SEO is the key to success.


Why local SEO matters


Before committing to any new business strategy, it’s important to validate your decision. Here are just six of the best stats to underline the importance of local SEO in 2022 and beyond.


  • Stats show that 46% of all searches contain an online while “near me” searches have grown by several hundred percent in recent times.
  • A massive 80% of all local searches end in conversion, making it one of the best most effective marketing strategies of all.
  • 86% of consumers actively use Google Maps to look up the location of a local business.
  • A colossal 97% of consumer who conduct online searches use this facility to search for local businesses and products.
  • 76 out of every 100 people who look for local businesses online will visit one within 24 hours of making that search.
  • 69% of all online users state that at least half of their Google searches now have a local intent.


While standard SEO (ranking for terms that do not rely on local intent) is still vital, the value of local SEO has never been greater, especially for SMEs. 


So, how can you master the process of local SEO?


By now, you should need no introduction to the benefits of appearing on the first page of Google’s SERPs. The big question is, how can you make it happen?


It may seem like a daunting prospect, but the six simple steps will lead you to greatness:


Tip #1. Build a stunning website


A good web design is essential for many reasons, but not least for search engine rankings. Google prides itself on delivering the best businesses ad websites to its users. While there are many metrics to consider, the algorithm focuses mainly on page loading times, site navigation, and the layout across all devices.


Over half of all web traffic is now mobile, and the figure is even greater when considering local traffic. A good website supported by local SEO is key.


Tip #2. Use Google My Business & other directories


As well as your on-site SEO practices, it’s important to use as many other outlets as you can. Using your Google My Business actively tells the search engine what your business is about. In turn, when users look for your products and services, the search engine knows to point them in your direction.


Meanwhile, signing up to Yell and other directories is vital too. It builds your authority in the local area and gains valuable backlinks, which will boost your SEO.


Tip #3. Gain customer reviews


You can’t force customers to leave reviews that include terms related to your town or city. However, if the testimonial is specifically for your local store, it will boost your local SEO. in many cases, your consumers will be members of the local area too. As such, they may have this info in their profiles.


All positive testimonials are good. Nonetheless. Those that actively add local elements will carry even greater weight.


Tip #4. Embrace internal & outbound content


The value of content creation for small businesses isn’t limited to local SEO. Nonetheless, there is no doubt that it has a huge influence on your Google ranking for local search terms. Better still, it can be shared on social media to tap into a local audience – after all, most people’s social media friends are local friends and relatives. Longtail keywords are key.


You can use all the same tools as you would for organic content, such as videos and infographics. Just be sure to make them local-centric to ensure that your site keeps ranking.


Tip #5. Get digital PR


All PR is good. Likewise, links from all websites and media sources will serve you well. Still, mentions from local news outlets are a major vote of recommendation as far as Google is concerned. Participating in local community events is sure to get your business the coverage and backlinks it needs for a strong local SEO campaign.


Aside from boosting your ranking on the SERPs, it can actively drive local audiences to your business in an organic way.


Tip #6. Stay up to date


Last but not least, you need to show Google that your business is still relevant. From adding more content pages to updating your GMB listing, consistency is king.


What next?


Boosting your local online presence is sure to get more people through your door, so it’s vital that you ensure the store or business is ready to impress its visitors. Aside from investing in the right products and employees, you must ensure that you have the facilities to facilitate smooth transactions. PaymentClub can transform your venture with the POS terminals and omnichannel selling solutions. To find out more, get in touch today.

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