Every Person Has A Story

Ashley Cattey, Director of Talent Acquisitions at PaymentClub, shares how she leads her team through relationships, storytelling and family-first values.

Welcome to the life of Ashley Cattey, a mother, an adventurer and now the Director of Talent Acquisitions at PaymentClub. With 14 years of experience in the payment industry and counting, stagnancy is not part of Cattey’s vocabulary. 

“Joining PaymentClub during a growth stage means I can help make a big impact on the business development, while making an even bigger impact on individuals’ professional growth,” said Cattey.

“The opportunities are endless in my eyes, and that’s the most exciting part.” 

Cattey jumped head first into the corporate world, getting an early–yet unexpected–start in the payment processing industry as a young adult.

“I was 20 years old, looking for a paycheck to party with. Kidding, kind of,” Cattey laughed. 

“I interviewed for a customer service position with Payment Alliance. A couple days later, I was at the beach with my girlfriend having some beers, laying in the sun, you know, living the good life, and the customer service hiring manager called me. I was offered the job and I proudly accepted,” said Cattey. 

“I never knew that position would turn into the beginning of my career path to lead me where I am today.”

As an executive and leader, Cattey prioritizes relationships above numbers. Her positivity, humor and supportive nature nurtures both her career and colleagues at PaymentClub.

“I’m passionate about seeing others succeed and reaching their goals,” said Cattey.

“PaymentClub offers solutions that support the success of a business, which in return will help our partners reach their goals. Everyone wins, and I love that.”

PaymentClub’s family-first mentality is not just a catchphrase. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the PaymentClub team reached out to help those in need, supporting both their sales partners and team members who were financially impacted by the crises.

“They asked them how much money they needed to take care of their family that month, and PaymentClub proceeded to write them a check for that amount,” said Cattey.

“If I needed any confirmation that PaymentClub values their relationships and takes care of their team, that did it.”

As a mother of two sons, these values hit home. Cattey can usually be found at a poolside BBQ, by the beach, or on a spontaneous adventure with her family on the weekends.

“I love visiting new parks with my boys, or anything that involves the people I love and having fun,” said Cattey.

“I’m a native Floridian, so I love the beach, fishing, swimming and snorkeling, but I also like exploring new places, even if it’s just for the day.”

Like many others around the world, Cattey has been working from home since the pandemic. Despite the initial challenge of leading a team in a less social environment, working from home has given Cattey a greater work-life balance. 

“I’ll never forget the long days in the office, getting home with only thirty minutes to spend with my babies before bedtime. That was so hard to cope with,” said Cattey.

“I can pick up my children from school now and be present during dinner and bath time. That means so much to me.”

Remote work also allows Cattey to support and train agents and ISOs across the country. 

“I love to hear about what’s going on in the different regions and learning their cultures,” said Cattey.

“The payments industry is ever changing, and in default, merchant solutions are constantly evolving. Support and training helps bridge the communication needs to stay current in the market.”

While the market is ever-changing, PaymentClub’s commitment to honesty remains unwavered. 

“All our fees are transparent. We hold ourselves accountable to provide the best support,” said Cattey.

“We have same day and next day funding options, intelligent CRM tools, cutting-edge technology…the list keeps growing!”

Cattey’s priority as the Director of Talent Acquisitions is to harness these values–teamwork, honesty and communication–and continue to develop the story of PaymentClub and their partnerships.

“My main focus is creating new partnerships and building out new teams to support those partnerships, all while sharing PaymentClub’s story and making sure people know who we are and how we can help them,” said Cattey.

Cattey’s world rarely stands still. With a full plate both at work and home, her relationship-based, family-first values are part of what makes her leadership as the Director of Talent Acquisitions at PaymentClub all the more genuine. 

“Competition is not in PaymentClub’s language. They support everyone’s success,” said Cattey.

In fact, Cattey measures her own success through connection–not statistics.

“I’ve learned you don’t necessarily have to be number one to be the best, but you do need to keep moving forward to stay successful,” said Cattey.

“There are no losses in building relationships. Every person has a story, and I want to help share the story of PaymentClub’s people.”

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