Why Content Creation Is Important For Small Businesses

Developing a strong content creation and successful digital marketing strategy is one of the most important  challenges facing any modern small business owner. In today’s climate, there are three words that  you simply can’t ignore: content is king. 

Content creation marketing can take many forms, including videos, blog posts, podcasts, and  infographics. The key differentiator is that the content should offer valuable insights that help  customers solve issues or understand more about a product without explicitly promoting it.  

You aren’t the first business owner to think that the concept sounds a little  counterproductive, but it can completely transform your digital marketing strategy. When  supported by great products, smart payment terminals, and great customer care, it can take  your business to new heights. Here’s why: 

Reason #1. Content Creation Gives You An Authoritative Voice 

Consumers are more demanding than ever before, and will not purchase products from a  business they cannot trust. Given that 86% of consumers cite authenticity as a key factor in  

influencing their decisions, creating unique content stands out as the perfect solution. Not  least because traditional ad campaigns do very little to establish trust, even if they are great  for growing brand awareness and piquing interest from prospective leads. 

Content creation makes your business more trustworthy because it allows you to; 

  • Show the personality of the brand and the people behind it. 
  • Establish a connection with clients, especially when the content opens the door to  user participation. 
  • Display your industry expertise, including other products and brands in your field.
  •  Highlight that you understand customer pain points and have the products and  services to solve them. 

A huge 81% of consumers admit that trust is necessary for them to complete a purchase. If  content can help you achieve it, you’d be a fool to ignore the benefits of content creation any  longer. 

Reason #2. Content Creation Gets People Invested In The Brand 

Studies show that 7 in 10 experts believe that building an audience is more significant than  converting sales. Regular content creation encourages people to keep interacting with the  brand, which keeps it fresh in the mind. Once consumers are regularly visiting your website  or sign up for notifications relating to your blogs or other content, you’ll be in a far stronger  position to promote products based on their interactions with the brand. 

Crucially, content creation encourages consumers to fall in love with the brand because; 

  • Free content subconsciously encourages them to associate your brand with great  value. 
  • You can introduce outside topics that matter to you, such as going green. 
  • Your content can actively help customers get more out of your products through  educational advice. 
  • Excitement felt for upcoming content translates to excitement for the brand. 

The average American spends nearly 4 hours of each day on their mobile screen. A lot of  that time is spent watching videos and reading articles. When the content they consume is  from your brand, you’ll be able to organically upsell your products in style. 

Reason #3. It Boosts Your SEO Ranking 

Spoiler alert: your business cannot generate sales if nobody knows of its existence. As far as  online traffic is concerned, search engines are the number one source of traffic. In fact, it can  deliver 10x more volume than social media while the clicks come from people who are  actively thinking about a purchase. Google’s crawlers love content, which can lead to a  much higher ranking on the SERPs. 

Here are some of the reasons why content creation boosts SEO:

  • The content tells Google exactly what your business is about and will naturally  contain the keywords you want to rank for. 
  • Content includes natural phrases that users search for when using voice and mobile. 
  • Google looks to provide clear answers to user queries, and content posts are often  the most effective solution. 
  • High-quality content will gain organic backlinks from other websites. 

Acquiring hot leads through organic SEO is hugely beneficial and content marketing actively  helps companies generate 67% more leads per month. Unlike PPC, SEO rankings can  deliver an unlimited number of clicks. 

The Final Word 

PPC, product webpages, social media marketing, and traditional channels all still have  important roles to play in modern marketing. If you truly wish to impress customers (and  search engines), however, now is the time to embrace content creation with both hands.  

It’ll make you more visible, more trustworthy, and more likely to convert sales. If that doesn’t  encourage you to pay attention, nothing will.

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