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From entry-level to co-founder, PaymentClub executive Anthony Kutscher tells how he took his career to the top

Anthony Kutscher found his first job in the payment processing industry from a flyer tacked to a cork board at a university he never attended. After he and his now wife–who originally spotted the opportunity–put together a resume, Kutscher landed an interview with the company’s owner.

“He put down my resume, undid his tie, and looked me straight in the eye. He said, ‘This resume is great, but it’s not who you really are,’” said Kutscher.
Thankfully, the conversation didn’t end there.

“‘My resume is factually correct, but what it can’t show you is who I am. Although I may not know how to do the job required, I will figure it out. And once I find that stride, I am a runner that youcan count on,’” said Kutscher during the interview. “He hired me on the spot.”

Flash forward twenty years, and Kutscher is now the co-founder PaymentClub, a subscription- based membership that provides flat-fee value added services, POS and payment acceptance services for businesses. “We founded PaymentClub with the intention of giving our customers and agents the feeling of transparency. Over the years, we had seen too many customers and agents move on due to poor information and communication. We decided these would be our areas of focus,” said Kutscher.

Prioritizing customer relationships is what sets PaymentClub apart from the competition. “PaymentClub focuses on customer satisfaction above earnings. That is one very different quality from any other processor that I had the pleasure of working for,” said Kutscher.

For Kutscher, transparency goes hand-in-hand with prioritizing people over profit, and PaymentClub is exactly what the name says it is: a service that processes payments in an honest and approachable way.

“We offer our customers flat-rate pricing to tailored programs that uniquely assist them in their processing journey. Who doesn’t want to join or be a part of a club?” said Kutscher. Kutscher’s straightforward, customer-first mentality has proven to be a success, as the business is expanding rapidly–even in a crowded marketplace. PaymentClub is set to open a center in San Diego, alongside its headquarters in Miami.

“Because we are opening a new training facility in San Diego, we will be able to provide our products more efficiently to the West Coast and give the same value as we do to our East Coast customers.” said Kutscher. But for Kutscher, this is still the beginning.

“In five years, I believe PaymentClub will have 2-5 more operating locations and between 200-500 agents nationwide,” said Kutscher. “Look out Midwest, because you are next on the list!”

When Kutscher isn’t brainstorming how to be the best in his business, the Seattle native can be found spending time with his family, watching football and enjoying films. As a self-proclaimed foodie, Kutscher also enjoys to travel and try new foods. “I like to get lost in whatever city I am in and let the taste and smells guide me,” said Kutscher.

His adventurous, try-anything spirit has helped pioneer Kutscher’s way through difficult times, including the growth of PaymentClub during the COVID-19 pandemic. “In order to keep up with the changing times, as the pandemic has shown us, constant updates and training is essential to the growth and knowledge of our agents which is needed to give to our customers,” said Kutscher.

“Not going to lie, it’s been tough. Navigating assisting your customers and agents while providing help with changing businesses from retail to mobile processing was a bit overwhelming. Not because the job was hard, but because it was so sudden.”

Even in unexpected events, Kutscher’s mission for PaymentClub has remained un-wavered. “Customer service is the number one priority for PaymentClub. If we provide this to our customers and our agents then the business base will stay strong,” said Kutscher. “It has been challenging, but in a great way it helped us see other growth patterns for our customers and ourselves.”

Optimism in adversity is woven throughout PaymentClub, and the mix of entrepreneurial resiliency and good humor is what makes being a part of it so rewarding–for both customers and Kutscher.

“I measure success not in income and earnings, but in customer satisfaction and reliability,” said Kutscher.

“To make the payment processing side of their business work for them, instead of against them, is our aim.”

Kutscher co-founded PaymentClub with the same skills that won him his first job: a willingness to go with the flow, adapt on the fly and remain someone who can be counted on. Now on the other side of the desk, Kutscher is inviting entrepreneurs around the US to take control of their businesses, payments and profits.

“We want you on our team,” said Kutscher.

“Join the Club!”

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