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The Advantages of Offering Contactless Payment Options

Sometimes when new technology comes out, it’s not as widely received as many thought it would be. One reason this occurs is that people are unaware of the benefits of using it. This seems to be the case with many small business owners and entrepreneurs when it comes to offering contactless payment options. If you fall into this category, you need to know that there are many advantages to offering this type of service to your customers.

What Are Contactless Payment Options?

A contactless payment is a transaction that allows a person to pay for a purchase by simply holding a debit or credit card with a contactless chip over a payment terminal equipped to handle this type of technology. A mobile device such as a smartphone can also be used to make these types of payments as long as the device has a digital wallet app installed. This service is also known as “touch-free payments” because it eliminates the need for a customer to swipe or insert their card into a machine and use a keypad to complete their transaction.

The Advantages of Offering Contactless Payment Options

If you’re looking for a customer-focused way to increase your sales, contactless payments may be the solution. Here are some advantages of using this payment option in your business.

Faster Checkout

Your customers will move through the checkout line faster and have a smoother experience with these types of payments. This is especially helpful if you often deal with a long line of customers. At PaymentClub, we encourage small businesses to use contactless options because we understand how much it can benefit them.

Variety of Methods

In addition to cards and smartphones, there are other methods that can be used to accept contactless payments. They include:

  • Smartwatches: Similar to using a smartphone, these work with payment apps.
  • QR Codes: Customers scan your QR code and connect to your account to make a payment. 
  • Store Apps: If your app includes a digital wallet, customers can use it to pay online. 

Contactless payment options give you and your customers a variety of ways to do business together.

Added Security

Contactless payments are safer than using cards with magnetic strips because they use encrypted technology that makes it hard for thieves to steal your customer’s information. This protects you and the customer from possible fraud.

Business Growth

Since contactless options create a smoother customer experience, offering them could help your business grow. Not only will your current customers appreciate it, but you may also attract new customers who prefer contactless payments.

Popular Option

While the use of contactless payments is growing in America, there are several countries where it is already the primary method for transactions. If you have international customers, adopting this technology will help your business to thrive as you compete in global markets.

Getting Started With Contactless Payment Options

If you’ve been looking for a way to grow your business while improving your customer service, contactless payment options may be what you need. For more information on how to set up your business to accept these types of payments, contact us at PaymentClub.

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