The Bridge Between Two Worlds Banking for ISO’s is Here!

ISO’s can now earn new residual income on Deposits, Balances, Card Spend.

Earn Residual Income on
Deposits, Balances, & Card Spend

Catch up on all the latest payment processor news and insights surrounding Fintech,
payments, and business solutions.

Merchant Deposits

Increase your income as an ISO by leveraging your merchant's deposits. Get a welcome bonus on all your merchant deposits during their first 90 days after opening a financial account. Sign up now and unlock a new stream of earnings!

Merchant Account Balances

Earn passive income on your merchant's financial account balances every month.

Merchant Card Spend

In addition to earning passive income from your merchants' financial account balances, you can also generate ongoing revenue from their card transactions. This is a great way to expand your income potential and create another avenue for passive income. With PaymentClub HQ, you can track these transactions, ensuring you never miss out on potential earnings.

Maximize your
Residual Income Today!

Stop Losing Deals to Banks

Stop losing time by waiting for business owners to open a traditional bank account and instead
quickly sign them up by offering them PaymentClub Banking Services and business solutions.

Stop waiting for merchants to open a bank account

Stop requiring voided checks

Even More

Become a PaymentClub Certified Partner for
Banking Services and earn a bonus on all of
your merchant deposits during their first 90
days of opening an account. Don't miss out!
Join us now to start earning more!

Available for Sales Agents as well

If you're an independent sales agent looking to start offering banking to your merchants, Join The Club today to learn how. Sign up to get started!

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